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Have you heard about unsecured loans? Well there are chances that you might not have and therefore we will tell you what unsecured loans are all about. For that you will have to keep reading this article. Do you know what a secured loan is? Well if you know what secured loans are all about then you will also know what unsecured loans are. But if you don’t know what secured loan is then let us tell you what it is. A secured loan is a loan which is backed by collateral securities. This means that you are given a loan on the basis of your properties. In case if you fail to repay the loan your lender will get possession of your properties. This does not extend to all your properties but only to those properties which you have kept as security against the loan.

A secured loan means having collateral security against the loan taken. Collateral security refers to having security against the loan which is equivalent to the value of the loan plus the interest amount. Most of the lenders are comfortable with only secured loans. You see nobody wants to lose his/her money. And unsecured loans run the risk of turning bad which means you as a lender will run the risk of losing your money. Therefore most of the lenders insist on giving secured loans. However there are many lenders who give unsecured loans. You must be wondering as to why any lender would run the risk of losing his money by giving unsecured loans. Well you must understand that the lender will never venture into anything which is risky for their money. The lenders give unsecured loans - true, but they don’t give it to every other customer.

They make sure that hey don’t run the risk of losing heir money and only then do they give unsecured loans. Unsecured loans are given on the basis of the reputation of a person. Therefore this service of the bank goes exclusively to their reputed and trustworthy customers. If the bank feels that a certain person is of good reputation and past records then the bank will advance him unsecured loans without any collateral security. So you see unsecured loans completely depend on the trust of the lender. If the lender has trust in you then you will get the loan otherwise you will not. The role of the bank in such a circumstance is like one friend who comes to the rescue of another friend at a time of crisis. It does not matter whether the other friend is currently in a situation to repay the loan or not because the first friend knows that the second friend will, sooner or later, be out of the crisis period and repay him the loan. The benefit of such a setup is that the friendship between the two friends in such a circumstance will grow stronger. Therefore if the first friend ever faces a crisis the second friend will come to his rescue too. This is the benefit if unsecured loans!!