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The term subprime loans can be defined as “a kind of loan which is offered at a rate above prime to individuals who do not qualify for the prime rate loans”. The people who go for the subprime loans usually their credit ratings are very low and are commonly known as loan defaulters. This reason makes them the least favorable borrower among the lenders. The subprime loans gained popularity during the on-going recession and economic crunch. The basic purpose of subprime loans is to provide loans to those borrowers who cannot meet the basic course of action of loan repayment.


● The subprime loan borrowers have long history of bankruptcy or defaulting loans which make it difficult for them to get a loan from any financial institution. The condition on which a subprime loan is given is that a very high rate of interest is charged instead of a normal rate of interest.
● The subprime loan borrower will be able to obtain the loan only when the lender calculates the rate of interest charged which is estimated according to the credit history of the borrower.
● The most important aspect of a subprime loan which the borrower must keep in mind is that you should always try to go for the best subprime loan being offered and if possible try to negotiate as well to keep the interest rate as low as possible.
● The borrower should always keep in mind that the rules involved in subprime loans are quite bendable and therefore you must try to get a long period of loan repayment as it will prove beneficial for you. 

There are various factors which decide whether a borrower should be given subprime loan or a prime loan. The basic reasons which make a borrower a subprime loan borrower are “low credit score, bad credit history which may include collection accounts, repossessions, late payments of invoices, bankruptcy, uncollectible debts, high ratio of debt to income and decreased ability to pay off the loan”.


● Nowadays there are various lenders who deal only with providing subprime loans and even the traditional financial institutions have also started giving subprime loans. However, the best way to select a subprime lender is to take the help of broker who will guide you through the entire process of obtaining a subprime loan.
● The next step which you are required to take is to give a quote of your subprime loan request. When you quote a request you are also asked to provide information such as the total estimate of your property, the income you earn, your “credit ranking” and this information will serve as your profile. According to your profile the lenders will give quotes which you can evaluate before going selecting the subprime loans.

Therefore, those people who are trying to obtain subprime loans must have full knowledge about them and should try to get some expert help in order to not get fooled by a borrower.