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The total cost of private as well as public colleges is increasing steadily and due to this, students require to search for some means of funding their studies and what can be better than student loans. Deciding upon what type of student loan to take, whether a federal loan or private one, it is required to give due attention. This is due to the fact that it will be you who will ultimately be responsible to pay it back.

Talking about what a student loan is, if you are pursuing college education or some educational course, this financial aid will serve to meet the costs involved in completing your education. As the overall expenses required to complete education is continually increasing, students loans offers you more option to pursue education from the school or college of your own interest. But while planning to take a student loan, it is imperative as well to be prepared for repaying the loan amount a short period of time after finishing your education.
Federal loans- enjoy low interest rates
As there are about three main kinds of student’s loans offered by banks, government and financial institutions, it is important to know the rules and interest rates of all the three to get the best possible financial aid. Private student loans, parent loans and federal student loans are the three primary kinds of loans that a student can take to support his or her education. What is useful behind the federal student loans is the fact that the federal laws operate the rates of interest charged for these loans. The loan lender has to provide the federal student loan at some specified rate of interest that is generally lower as compared to national rate of interest. The best part about these federal student loans is that they can even be consolidated after the graduation of the students thereby allowing the repayment scheme to fall under a single big umbrella.

Parent loans- easy to get
As far as the parent loans are concerned, they are the student loans that are applied by the parents in order to encompass the extra cost that their child’s student loans or financial aid will not cover. Also, these types of loans are featured with some fixed rate of interest and can be consolidated if required. In these types of parent student loans, the parents are completely responsible for the payment of the loan amount.

Private loans
The private loans are somewhat different from the federal loans. These loans are provided by the private lenders or financial institutions thereby making the cost and interest rates more as there are no legal formalities laid to be within a specific interest rate. These loans demand the student to give their credit score and the parents may be needed to co-sign on the loan agreement. This in turn makes the parents responsible for paying loan amount in case the student defers payments at any point of time.

Even the student loan consolidation is a good option to stay away from various loan amounts and interest rates as the different loans can be combined under one single loan. This further contributes in paying for that single loan and its interest rate. So, while taking the financial support of student loans, it is better to do careful research.