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Money transfer software is the most secure system designed for a successful money transfer around the globe. This is an online transmittal system where all the details of the transaction are saved in a protected database where each customer is issued a unique reference number for well-organized management. Technologically advanced money transfer system was developed to cater for every possible phase of a comprehensive money transfer. The system records the details of senders, agents, foreign exchange rates, commission, complaint checks and much more.

Money transfer software is increasingly used by numerous banks, money transfer agents and financial institutions. The money transfer software deals with real time gross settlement (RTGS), central banking systems, messaging systems, net settlement systems, internal systems, and numerous third party banking applications. It is a single-source solution for domestic and international remittance processing and messaging.
Salient features of money transfer software:
Money transfer software comes with a package of all necessary features and functionalities which supports a successful transfer business.
• Money transfer software supports multiple currencies and exchange rates. Hence, it allows you to manage unlimited number of transfers anywhere in the world.
• Various modern techniques are used to protect your business against money laundering.
• Money transfer software is user-friendly. Customers are able to create their own accounts which they can easily manage through a membership portal.
• The charges or commission of money transfer agents can be set up by a fixed percentage depending upon the destination or the amount or the combination of both.
• Manager transfer software if equipped with numerous reports and financial forecasts. The software is helpful in evaluating excess of the business with the help of the generated reports.
• Since this is an automated process, successful completion of every transaction is intimated to the customer through sms or e-mails.

Key Benefits of money transfer software:
Speeds up the transfer process - Banks and various money transfer agents require such software’s two expedite their money transfer process.

Convenient money transfer- Since the software supports multiple currencies; money can easily be transferred to any country with different commission rate.

Elimination of errors - The chances of any false transfers can be eliminated as the details of every customer are recorded by the system. This creates efficiency and ease for management

Less time-consuming - Requires less time due to less involvement of paper work.
Makes profitable business- Money transfer software is created to make your transfer business profitable. It helps you to extend your business from a single outlet to a large company with many agents.

Streamlines your transfer operation- You may require less staff to run the business. This enables you to be more concentrated on running a successful business.
No large setup- Large setup costs are required to run a successful business. However, the establishment of money transfer system is extremely cost-effective and carries a very low rental fee.

Trusted and secure system- Due to its trustworthiness, money transfer software is used by large transfer organisations as well as small businesses having hundreds of agents worldwide.