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When applying for any type of a loan, the loan rates serve as the main consideration for both the lenders as well as the borrowers. While the lenders are in search of getting the highest loan rate possible, the borrowers require taking financial aid from the loans with lowest possible interest rates. These loan rates can differ from institution to institution, as per the loan amount asked for and credit risk included. One of the main functions of the banks or financial institutions is to offer loans acting as the prospective lenders. As the lending institutions, they offer amount of loan money to the debtor which is used by the latter to pay the regular installments. Usually, the loan facilities are offered at some cost, generally referred to the interest on debt or the loan rate.
How loan rates are determined
There are different factors that affect the interest rates on any debt instrument. The most crucial factor which influences the loan rate is that of inflation. When the inflation level is high, there are few entities or parties that are actually willing to lend the money at current rates of interest. Like a compensatory measure, the loan rates usually rise during the high inflation period so to compel the creditors into money lending. Also, the rates of interest are highly linked with credit risk. Higher the risk of a default, higher will be the interest rates imposed. The credit risk is generally assessed by taking a look at credit history or credit score of the loan application. A great credit score gets characterized by loan reconstruction or no defaulted payments of the past monetary transactions. Apart from taking credit scores of consumers from the credit bureaus, the credit evaluators even check bank accounts of the loan applicants.

Types of loans and their rates of interest
The loans are generally categorized into the secured and unsecured types. In case of the secured loans, the creditor or borrower pledges some asset as collateral for the loan. The most ordinary form of secured debt tool is that of the mortgages loan that many a people utilize in order to buy and finance their housing needs. In this kind of a set up, money offered by economic institution is utilized to buy real estate. The financial institution or creditor takes the lien on that property till the time that loan is completely paid off. On the other hand, the unsecured loans are financial supports that the potential borrowers can enjoy without the need of offering any collateral. Some common examples of such kind of loan include bank overdrafts, credit lines, personal loans, corporate bonds and other credit features. As there is lower risk involved in secured loans, they are often available at low interest rates. Also, it is even possible that the borrowers will enjoy high amounts with the secured loans.

Nevertheless, there are many measures which can be undertaken in order to take the low interest rate loans from lending institutions. These measures include making payments on time and maintaining a good credit score. The financial institutions generally use this credit scoring as the primary basis of loan approval. It would even help a borrower to get the loan amounts with lowest possible loan rates.