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The tremendous popularity of low-cost, secured and best ever means of transferring money has given rise to the establishment of Internet money transfer. This has eliminated a number of problems and risks involved in conventional methods of money transfer. Almost all the companies involved in money transfer operations are open to Internet money transfer. A few decades back, people working overseas were required to mail or courier a cheque to their family back home. The cheque reached your family, but too late. Relying on international postal or courier services proved to be wrong in case of delays. Subsequently, you and your family were at the receiving end. Internet money transfer has abolished this entire nuisance. An exclusive money transfer service was like a financial boon to the consumers, especially the migrants.
The technologically savvy individuals find Internet money transfer as a convenient means of money transfer as the transfer procedure is just a click away from your beneficiary. Due to its global acceptance more and more people are willing to use internet to send and receive money from anywhere in the world. Internet money transfer is not just available in one currency, but in multiple currencies. This has benefited those working overseas, desiring to have an account in their home country.-

How can you avail Internet money transfer facility?

Visit your nearest bank branch to complete all the prerequisites. The bank provides you with an application form. You have to fill in the form with all the necessary details and submit the same to the bank. Alternatively, the form is also available on the bank’s website. The bank validates all your details after which you are provided with the ‘Transaction ID’ and a ‘Password’. These details are confidential and hence it should not be shared with anyone. The Internet banking facility is now available to you. This allows you to safely transfer/receive funds, check the status of your payments and even check your bank balance.

Benefits of Internet money transfer:

• You did not have to visit any retail outlets or branches to conduct money transfer.
• The problem of in-transit loss of cash can be resolved as there is no involvement of hard cash in internet money transfer.
• You can send money electronically to your friends and family through bank account details.
• Internet money transfer is not restricted to just one country as money can be transferred anywhere in the world.
• There are no less transfer fees involved in these kinds of transactions.
• The transfer operation is safely managed by the money transfer service providers.

Things to remember:

The involvement of anti-social elements, fraudsters, hackers cannot be ruled out in Internet money transfer services. Due to increasing popularity of Internet money transfer, many companies are efficiently trying to handle fraudulent activities. Every Internet user must be aware of the loopholes of insecure banking websites. Hence, one should always look out for security certificates on their websites. All the Internet transactions should be done only from your home or your office and not from public computers.