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Hard money loans are required by those facing terrible financial crisis such as foreclosures and bankruptcy. This loan is usually given after the lenders assess the value of your possessions but they don’t necessitate collateral for providing these loans. These loans excludes collateral and that is why they are not provided by financial institutions such as banks due to the high risk involved and one can get it only from private lenders. One of the most alluring features of hard money loans is that the interest rates of these loans are not regulated according to bank interest rates and it varies according to specifications of different lenders.
Usually the interest rate of hard money loan is about 15% to 25% and that is why people opt for hard money loans when they have no other financing option left as their high interest rates can cause vicious financial trouble. Borrowers of hard money loans must take special care of the fact that by irregular or late payment of these loans, lenders can impose sky high interest of about 25% to 29% and so one should borrow these loans only if they can pay it well on time. The hard money loans are given according to the price of the property of the borrower and the given hard money loan amount can be 65% to 70% of the worth of possessions of borrower.

These loans are commonly known as LTV i.e. loan to value. The lenders of hard money loan categorizes themselves in the first lien holders category of a property, but in case the value of the property is less than the given hard money loan amount then the lenders cross collateralize the hard money loan with another expensive property of the borrower. This type of cross collateralizing of hard money loans is termed as blanket mortgages. By opting to hard money loans, one can improve bad credits and can combat hard financial crisis.

One must understand the different type of hard money loans such as construction hard money loan. In construction hard money loan, lenders provide the loan amount in stages. For instance, you want hard money loan of amount 17,000 dollars for home building. The stages to get construction hard money loan of amount 17,000 for a home building include- primarily the lenders will provide loan of 10,000 when the foundation work finishes, but he will do so only after proper inspection of the foundation work. After the foundation work finishes, lenders will provide loan amount of 7000 dollars for the electricity work, but only after thorough inspection of the same.

There are several benefits of taking hard money loan such as one can get quick approval of these loans by the online lenders by simply filling the online application form. It is advisable to get professional advice from a skilled, certified, experienced and expert finance advisor before taking hard money loans. One must do extensive enquiry on the internet about different hard money loan lenders so as to choose the one offering an affordable and flexible hard money loan deal.