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Federal loans are provided by government financial institutions and usually have fixed interest rates. One has to undergo a strict scrutiny of the credit history so as to qualify for the federal loans. As the name suggests, federal loans are given by the federal financial institutions of a county or state. There are several types of federal loans such as student federal loans. Federal loans can also be utilized for debt consolidation such as the United States department concerned with the federal debt consolidation loan program offers a chance to students to pay off their previous federal education loan and take a fresh loan with consolidated loan terms and conditions.
In order to gain eligibility for federal debt consolidation program, one has to have a current FFEL i.e. Federal Family Education Loan. In the process of a debt consolidation education loan, the school of the borrower gives detailed statement of the loan amount that is already paid off by the student and reveals the remainder to the federal debt consolidation loan lenders. According to the federal laws, there is an Income Contingent Repayment Plan under which the borrowers can make use of federal Consolidation loan program for curing payment defaults.

One can improve bad credit scores by opting to federal repayment loans and paying them off on the time prescribed by the federal lenders. In order to get federal repayment loan, one has to fill an application form giving all personal details such as name, address, salary, credit scores, personal possessions, annual income, monthly income, property and contact address. The federal loan application form is thoroughly scrutinized by making use of EVC i.e. Electronic Verification Certification service.

The verified certificate is then forwarded to federal loan holders and they have to return it back within ten working days. Users of ICR i.e. Income Contingent Repayment, who are looking for federal loans but have met payment default, must produce a form of ICR’s approval to Disclosure of Tax Information before the federal loan lenders. The federal loan lenders will then forward this form to IRS so as to get permission that if the federal loan can be given to a particular borrower or not.

After the approval of federal loans, lenders forward a copy of loan statement and payment terms and conditions to the borrowers. The Federal loan provided for debt consolidation reaches the borrower by electronic means. The federal debt consolidation loan borrowers can make full and final pay off of the previous direct loan by making use of the received federal debt consolidation loan.

The entire procedure of federal debt consolidation loan transfer is accomplished under infallible processes and expert supervision and hence excludes overpayment and underpayment issues. The federal debt consolidation loan is provided only after the borrower makes full and final pay off of the previous federal loans. Borrowers are required to make first repayment of this consolidation loan within 60 days of the borrowing of the federal repayment loan.

Students can browse through Direct Consolidation web site and online calculator so get each and every detail regarding the interest rates of the student repayment federal loans or contact details of the lenders. Students must not hesitate in taking guidance from school authorities before applying to the student federal loans. By taking the school authorities in confidence, students can enjoy certificate verification required for repayment loan on a timely basis.