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A construction loan can be defined as loan which has been borrowed for the purpose constructing or renovating a home or some commercial structure. The construction loan is usually borrowed if the construction or renovation expenses are likely to be too high.


There are various kinds of construction loans available in the market and each one of them serves a different purpose. The following are the different types of construction loans-
● Home construction loans- Before applying for a home construction loan it is essential to tell the lender about the entire story for borrowing the loan. Therefore, the home construction loan is also popularly known as “story loan”. The rate of interest in a construction loan differs from house to house and borrower to borrower. The home construction loan is perhaps the most common form of construction loan borrowed by people. If you want to borrow a home construction loan there are a few things which you must keep in mind such as always checking out the rate of interests offered by various financial institutions and choosing the loan after evaluating all the loans.

● Commercial construction loan- The commercial construction loans are perhaps the most difficult form of construction of loan to obtain. Therefore if you are aware about the following points before applying for a commercial construction loan, your entire process will be more easy and smooth. The most important thing which you need to have is an executive review which explains all the significant aspects of your project.

● New construction home loans- People often get confused between the new construction home loans and the home construction loans. You need to understand there is a vast difference between both the loans. The new construction home loans have completely different rules and regulations as compared to the home construction loan. The new construction home loans serve the purpose of building an entire new house. In order to obtain a new construction home loan you need to explain the entire project to the financial institution which will be providing the loan.

● Residential construction loans- The residential construction loans also come in a wide variety such as “the owner builder loan, custom contractor loan and subdivision loan”. The duration of the residential construction loans generally ranges between six to twelve months. The rate of interest charged on a residential construction loan varies and is largely influenced by the market.


Obtaining a construction loan is not an easy task but it can be simplified if you follow a few important steps, such as:-

● Before applying for a construction loan, you must first search for various available options. This will help you to get the best deal out of any construction loan. You can select from a wide range of alternatives of construction loans such as the “fixed loan of 15 and 30 years and loans with interest”.

● To know about the payment system and whether you will be able to afford it, it is important to pre-qualify for the mortgage.

● You must make sure that the construction loan lender is knowledgeable and skilled in this particular field of loan.

A good understanding of all these important aspects about the construction loan will help you in getting the most affordable construction loan easily.