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Consolidation loans are sometimes used by consumers to better manage their debt problems. This kind of loan is also known as Debt Consolidation loan. It helps you to restructure your debt by taking one larger loan and repay several smaller loans. Thus, consolidation loan is the solution to your growing debt problem. Banks and credit unions are the major players offering consolidation loans.

If you are trying to decrease your monthly payments and reduce interest rates, avoid liquidation, streamline your expenses, eliminate higher-interest rate bills or simply get out of the loans by the quickest way possible, consolidation loans help you achieve your goal and save thousands of dollars at the same time. According to the Federal Reserve Board, the US consumer debt rose to $15.4 billion in November 2007. This is mainly because of the mounting debt, with huge interest rate to pay.
Consolidation loans provide extra funds to refinance your existing loans by consolidating numerous debts into one convenient payment. Besides, the interest paid on consolidated loans may get tax benefit. Today, many reputable lending institutions have come forward to offer several options for consolidation loans that fit your financial needs. The consolidation loans options include:

Mortgage refinance rates: With mortgage consolidation loans, you could get extra finance to help you eliminate the number of bills you pay each month by combining several debts into one suitable payment.

Home debt consolidation loans: You can gain from the equity you have built in your house. This is a great resource for many homeowners as the interest may be tax deductible.

Personal loans: You can simply manage your debt by choosing a consolidated personal loan to repay other debts as you will have complete access to the money you need.

Auto Refinance Loans: You can pay off higher-interest debt by using the vehicle as the tool to consolidate smaller loans and spend less time balancing your budget.

Remember while opting for consolidation loans you need to first calculate the interest and the fees on all your existing loans to determine the total amount to be paid. Then compare the total figure with the consolidation loan to make sure whether it is a better choice. It is very essential to check the interest rate of the new consolidated loan. Make sure that it is less than what you are already paying to various creditors. The candidates who opt for unsecured consolidation loan must expect the lender to increase the interest rate.


• The major advantage of consolidation loans is convenience. This means that instead of paying 10 different loans that are carrying different rates at different times of the month; you can take one big loan and pay off all those creditors. Then you can make just one payment on that consolidated loan once a month.
• It helps you to properly manage your debts without adding to it.
• It allows low interest rates.
• It helps you save money by consolidating your debts.
• The term of loan varies between 3 to 25 years.
• You can avail consolidation loans even if you have a bad credit history.