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So are you planning to buy a new car, scooter, or home? If it is so then you would need a huge sum of money. For most of the middle class people buying a vehicle or a new home inevitably means taking a loan. Well, the commercial banks give you loans for a variety of reasons. All they need to have is the faith that you will return them the loan. Compared to the term “loans”, “cash loans” has a small but significant difference. A loan refers to anything which has been borrowed with the agreement that it will be returned in future and that too with accrued interest. On the other hand “cash loan” refers exclusively to a cash borrowing.
There are a few things which the bank will demand once it is giving you the loan. The first thing is the security. There are two types of security. The first type is the “basic” security. This refers to the item for which you are taking the loan from the bank/the lender. For every loan that is sanctioned the basic security is a must. Some lenders might even ask for collateral security against cash loans. Wondering what that is? Well, many a times the basic security remains lesser in worth that the amount of the cash loans advanced. In cases like these the lender might demand to have equivalent security against the loan by asking you to add another item to the security. While taking the loan you will have to sign the “deed of trust”. This legal document says that in case of non-repayment of the loan the lender will be entitled to take over the securities which you had kept with the lender at the time of obtaining the loan. In case if you fail to repay the loan your property would be forfeited by the lender, he might then choose to auction it. Such an action on the lender’s part is known as foreclosure auction. 

The commercial banks are the main source of loans in an economy; however there are also many individual lenders who will be willing to give you “cash loans”. Generally these private lenders charge you a much higher rate of interest than the banks. For paying this price you get the advantage that they are more lenient when it comes to securities. Even if you don’t have adequate securities they might be ready to give you cash loans, unlike the commercial banks. But there is need to be very cautious when taking cash loans from individual lenders because they might try to cheat you by making the deed papers according to their wish, and if you don’t read it well enough then you will soon find yourself in a soup. This risk is eliminated when it comes to the commercial banks since no “one” person benefits individually in bank, it is an association. In case of the private lender gain or loss- it is all his, and therefore high chances of him trying to cheat you. Therefore you must read the deed of trust very well, and understand all the clauses of the deed before you finally sign it!!