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A brief on types of car loans

Today, various types of car loans are there to help those people who are not in a condition to afford the expenses of a new car. Many auto loan companies offer different kinds of car loans to help them buy their dream car. You cannot depend on public transport at all the time. There are some emergency conditions in which you are required to own your private car. If you don’t have enough money to buy a car then you can apply for a car loan from a recognized auto loan company to purchase your car. When you apply for an auto loan, the auto loan company will finance you a car loan amount with which you can make your purchase. The amount that you get as auto loan will depend upon the model of your car and your repaying capacity. You are also required to make the repayment of the auto loan in monthly installment including the interest rate in time. However, before you apply for an auto loan decide what type of car loan will suit you best. Following are some types of car loans that you could apply depending upon your capability.
Secured car loans: A secured car loan is the most popular type of car loans and every auto loan companies prefer to offer it. In order to obtain a secured car loan you are required to place some collateral as security against your auto loan amount. You can place your valuable assets like your home or your property as security. As you are offering collateral, the car loan companies offer you a lower interest rate as well as a larger loan amount. However, the market value of your collateral determines the amount of your auto loan. The auto companies may also offer you a flexible term and condition because of your security.

Unsecured car loans: Though secured car loans are mostly preferred, there are still some auto loan companies who offer unsecured car loans. Unsecured car loan is a type of car loan in which you are not required to put any assets or collateral in order to get it. As there is a risk involved in it, the car loan companies will charge a higher interest rate on your auto loan amount. Your unsecured car loan amount will be determined by your credit history and your repaying ability. One advantage of unsecured car loan is that you don’t have to worry about placing your home or your property. However, you should make the repayment in time in order to avoid future inconveniences.

Bad credit car loans: You are completely wrong if your think that you cannot obtain a car loan because of your bad credit record. There are some auto loan companies who offer bad credit car loans even if you have poor credit rating. In this type of car loan, the interest rate will be determined depending upon how bad your credit record is. Moreover, you could place some collateral and apply for bad credit secured car loan.

New and owned car loans: A new car loan is taken to buy a new car and it can be a secured or unsecured car loan. On the other hand, owned car loans are taken to buy cars previously owned by someone. In owned car loans the condition of the owned car and the repaying ability of the borrowers determine the auto loan amount.